AIIMS makes medical history with simultaneous dual kidney transplant

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In a groundbreaking medical achievement, doctors at AIIMS Delhi have successfully transplanted both kidneys of a 52-year-old woman simultaneously, marking a first in medical history. This remarkable feat was accomplished through the collaborative efforts of the Surgical Discipline Department and Nephrology Department, with assistance from ORBO (Organ Retrieval Banking Organization).

The pioneering surgery was necessitated by the critical condition of the patient, whose kidneys were severely damaged and in need of immediate transplant. Leveraging the opportunity presented by the unfortunate demise of a 78-year-old woman who had sustained fatal head injuries from a fall, AIIMS doctors embarked on the unprecedented endeavor.

Dr. Asuri Krishna, Professor of the Surgery Department at AIIMS, highlighted the complexity of the operation, underscoring the collective efforts of a multidisciplinary team of surgeons. Despite the challenges, the surgery culminated in success, heralding a new chapter in organ transplantation.

The decision to utilize both kidneys from the deceased donor was driven by the advanced age of the recipient, whose renal function necessitated dual transplants. While conventional practice typically involves the allocation of one kidney to multiple recipients, the unique circumstances prompted AIIMS to deploy both kidneys for the single patient, recognizing the urgency and complexity of the case.

Following the surgery, the patient, previously reliant on dialysis, has shown remarkable improvement in her condition and is now in stable health. Dr. Asuri Krishna emphasized the singular nature of the procedure, noting that while organs from elderly donors are typically not utilized in India, the exigencies of this case warranted a departure from convention.

The successful dual kidney transplant at AIIMS Delhi not only signifies a triumph of medical innovation but also underscores the institution’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare and offering hope to patients in need.

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