Akums launches affordable sickle cell anaemia drug, Priced at Just 1% of Global Standard

Akums launches affordable sickle cell anaemia drug Priced at Just 1% of Global Standard

Akums launches affordable sickle cell anaemia drug Priced at Just 1% of Global Standard

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Akums Pharmaceuticals has introduced the first indigenous hydroxyurea oral solution for sickle cell disease treatment in children, marking a significant milestone in healthcare accessibility. Priced at just INR 600, the drug is offered to the government, making it accessible to a broader population segment.

The pharma company said that in contrast to the current import price of approximately Rs. 77,000 for the global brand of Hydroxyurea solution (which necessitates storage at 2-8 Celsius), Akmus is passionately committed to advancing a noble cause and ensuring accessibility to affordable medication. The company said that the drug will be provided to the government at the cost of R600, which is nearly 1% of the R77,000 that the medicine currently available globally costs.

Sickle cell disease, a genetic blood disorder prevalent in India’s tribal communities, poses significant health challenges, including anaemia, pain, and organ dysfunction. The condition, characterized by abnormal red blood cell shapes hindering oxygen transport, remains incurable but manageable with appropriate medication.

Akums’ breakthrough lies not only in cost-effectiveness but also in room temperature stability, eliminating the need for refrigerated storage. This innovation enhances accessibility, especially in resource-constrained settings.

The launch aligns with the government’s Sickle Cell Anemia Elimination Mission, aiming to combat the disease by promoting preventive measures and providing affordable treatment options. With hydroxyurea’s efficacy in maintaining normal red blood cell shapes and improving oxygen transport, it promises improved health outcomes for affected individuals.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya lauded the initiative, emphasizing its significance for tribal communities and underscoring the government’s commitment to eradicating sickle cell disease. The drug’s affordability and stability represent a step forward in ensuring equitable healthcare access and advancing India’s public health agenda.

As Akums Pharmaceuticals continues its mission to address critical healthcare needs, the launch of the hydroxyurea oral solution underscores the importance of innovation, affordability, and accessibility in combating genetic disorders and improving patient outcomes nationwide.

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