Air India Express Employees Union Raises Concerns Amidst Mass Sick Leave

Air India Express Offers Compensation to Passengers Affected by Flight Cancellations

Air India Express Offers Compensation to Passengers Affected by Flight Cancellations

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Amidst a mass sick leave taken by Air India cabin crew, the Air India Express Employees Union (AIXEU) has penned a letter to Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Air India, highlighting growing unrest and dissatisfaction among employees. 

The letter, spanning two pages, expressed concerns over the treatment of employees following the airline’s takeover by a private firm, which is a subsidiary of Tata Sons-owned Air India Limited.

AIXEU pointed out a stark departure from commitments on job security, salary, and maintenance, citing the firing of employees with impeccable records, contrary to assurances made by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman regarding no termination for two years post-acquisition. 

Additionally, the union raised issues regarding the treatment of whistleblowers, noting management’s suppression of dissenting voices and a lack of equality in employee treatment, including the bypassing of qualified internal candidates for internal job postings.

The union emphasized that such mismanagement has not only impacted employee morale but also reflected poorly on customer service and company performance. Urging Mr. Chandrasekaran to personally intervene, the union sought redressal of grievances.

The letter follows a mass sick leave by Air India cabin crew, resulting in the cancellation of at least 86 flights. Reportedly, about 300 senior cabin crew members reported sick at the last minute, leading to flight delays and cancellations. 

The Air India Express management is actively engaging with the crew to understand the reasons behind the sick leave and to minimize inconvenience caused to guests.

An Air India Express spokesperson expressed regret for the disruption caused to guests and assured full refunds or complimentary rescheduling for affected passengers. The airline reiterated its commitment to providing high-quality service despite the unforeseen circumstances.