Alarming Sight in Pune: Toxic Foam Covers Surface of Sacred Indrayani River in Alandi

Alarming Sight in Pune: Toxic Foam Covers Surface of Sacred Indrayani River in Alandi

Alarming Sight in Pune: Toxic Foam Covers Surface of Sacred Indrayani River in Alandi

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Indrayani River, a sacred site for Warkaris, faces a severe pollution crisis, prompting Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to issue crucial directives. This move holds the promise of freeing the river from contamination, offering respite to the residents of Alandi, a significant pilgrimage site for Warkaris.

The historical Indrayani River, a revered site for followers of the Warkari tradition, has become a focal point of environmental concern due to pollution. 

This issue has adversely impacted the health of numerous citizens. Responding to this, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has now taken decisive action to address the pollution of the Indrayani River.

Devendra Fadnavis is presently in Alandi, where he inaugurated the ‘Bankatswami Sadan,’ a student residence affiliated with the Warkari Shikshan Sanstha. During his visit, he addressed the gathered audience.

In recent months, concerns about pollution in the Indrayani River have been raised by citizens, prompting several discussions in government circles. However, concrete measures to address the issue were yet to materialize. Despite orders from various political leaders, the pollution levels seem to be escalating, evident in the visibly contaminated river. Citizens have frequently voiced their concerns, indicating the threat to thousands living along the banks of the river.

During the pilgrimage season, especially during events like Ashadi Ekadashi, lakhs of Warkaris gather in Alandi to take a holy dip in the Indrayani River. 

Unfortunately, the same water, considered sacred by pilgrims, has become a cause for waterborne diseases among both pilgrims and locals. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has also received several complaints and raised objections against numerous companies in the area.

While legal actions have been initiated against some companies, the pollution levels have not significantly decreased. In response to the worsening situation, Devendra Fadnavis has now issued direct orders for immediate action. This proactive stance aims to ensure the effective reduction of pollution, prioritizing the health and well-being of the citizens.

Furthermore, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced a substantial financial commitment of ₹5 crores for the establishment and improvement of facilities for approximately 500 students residing in the Warkari Shikshan Sanstha’s ‘Bankatswami Sadan.’ This initiative aligns with the institution’s goal of providing education imbued with Indian cultural values, reaching and inspiring students across the nation.

Devendra Fadnavis emphasized the importance of preserving Indian culture and fostering its understanding among the general public through educational institutions. This comprehensive approach seeks to not only combat pollution but also contribute to the cultural and educational upliftment of the community.

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