All you need to know about ambulance service charge in Pune

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The Maharashtra government had taken a decision to cap the rates charged by the ambulance operators. The government decided to crack a whip on the ambulance operators who are overcharging the patients using this service to reach hospitals or any diagnostic center. Also, the government has issued stern orders against those who do not comply to the rules.

The Regional Transport Authority, Pune on May 14, 2020 had capped the rate of ambulance vans. 
Incase, any patient who comes across any ambulance operator overcharging can complain on RTO, Pune email id [email protected] with the details of the vehicle, such as its vehicle number. Flying squad shall take immediate action against the complaint raised on this email id.

It is hereby informed by the Deputy RTO, Pimpri Chinchwad office that the ambulance operators should not overcharge any patient during such pandemic.

Below are the rates announced on May 14, 2020. This rate card is also posted on the PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION website.

Sr.    Vehicle Make   Rate 25 kms / Two Hours   Per KM    Waiting charges

1.           Maruti                          500                                11 Rupees           100

2.           Tata Sumo                   600                                12 Rupees           125    
             / Matador      

3.           Tata 407 /                    900                                 13 Rupees           150  
             Swaraj Mazda

Important Points :

  1. This rate card applies to the entire Pune district
  2. These rates are applicable for to and fro journeys. For return journey, waiting charges as applicable in Column 5 for per hour can be charged.
  3. If the distance above 25 kms, then per km charges would be applicable. Refer Column no. 4
  4. Ambulances should display the rate card in their vans mandatorily
  5. Waiting charges as applicable (refer column no. 5)
  6. GPS systems should be enabled to the van.
  7. After each journey the van must be properly sanitised.
  8. All ambulances should have Air conditioning facilities. As per the request of the patient it can be switched off or on.