Artificial Intelligence can tell when you will die 

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Artificial Intelligence can tell when you will die 

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December 22, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is starting to pose a threat to your jobs because it makes tasks simpler. However, did you know that AI can now predict your death date? That’s right, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now reaching new heights and can predict when you will die.

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark are said to have created a death calculator that can help you solve this complex equation. They explain how the calculator functions and what information is fed into the AI system to produce the results, and they claim that the calculator is fairly accurate.

According to reports, the researchers employed an algorithm known as life2vec to determine this data using the technology behind ChatGPT. With the use of information such as your income, occupation, place of residence, and general health history, this AI model generates predictions that should be 78 percent accurate: a respectable degree of data accuracy. 

The researchers build their AI models on an intriguing theory that likens human languages to life experiences.

Based on their pasts, the AI model appears capable of providing results for both men and women. The researchers tested life2vec on about 6 million Danish individuals of both genders between 2008 and 2020 in order to get the AI model to demonstrate its value. They were impressed with the outcomes of the AI after feeding it a variety of data sets that allowed them to determine who could survive after January 1, 2016.

Why would anyone require an AI-based death calculator? The group made the point that knowing a person’s life expectancy is necessary for many personal variables, such as life insurance, and that having this information on hand helps both parties understand the process. 

However, they chose to withhold the precise death date that the AI model predicted, which is the morally and privately appropriate course of action for those who participated in the trials.

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