Asaram’s plea to be treated in Pune dismissed by the Rajasthan High Court

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Asaram’s plea to undergo treatment at a medical center in Pune has been dismissed by the Rajasthan High Court. The decision came after concerns were raised by the Pune police about potential threats to law and order that may arise during his stay.

Asaram, who was convicted of rape in 2018 and sentenced to life imprisonment, had sought permission to receive treatment at the Madhavbaug Multidisciplinary Cardiac Care Clinic and Hospital in Pune.

However, a bench of justices VK Mathur and Dinesh Mehta rejected his request. Instead, they directed him to seek treatment at the Ayurveda University Hospital in Jodhpur.

The court has therefore asked for a report on the availability of treatment facilities at the Jodhpur hospital by March 22, the next date of hearing.

During the hearing on March 15, the court inquired about the treatment procedure and its duration. Additionally, reports were requested from both the Jodhpur Police Commissioner and the Mumbai Police Commissioner regarding the necessity of a police team and possible law and order issues during Asaram’s transit and stay in Pune. Asaram’s counsel had sought a 14-day parole for him to receive treatment at Madhavbaug Hospital.

However, this request was opposed by the Additional Advocate General, who emphasized the presence of medical institutions like AIIMS and Ayurveda University in Jodhpur capable of providing high-standard medical care.

The court’s decision highlights the legal complexities surrounding Asaram’s case and the importance of ensuring public safety while addressing his medical needs.

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