Auto drivers in Pune put up unique stickers to welcome foreign delegates of G20

Pune: As the meetings of the G20 conference started in Pune city, citizens are excited to welcome the foreign delegates. The autorickshaw drivers are equally excited to welcome the G20 delegates. Pune’s “Baghtoy Rickshawala Association” has pasted stickers on their auto rickshaw hoods.  

The flags of twenty countries and in the dialect/national language of that country, the representatives of that country are welcomed in Pune by putting stickers on the rickshaws. 

Keshav Nana Kshirsagar, President of Baghtoy Rikshawala Association, said, “Meetings of G-20 will be held in Pune, where the topic of Urban infrastructure will also be discussed and auto rickshaws too are one of the stakeholders of urban infrastructure. As a responsibility towards India, we have put stickers on auto rickshaws with different countries flags and languages to welcome them.”

He further said, “We would request the guests to prepare a policy on the digital infrastructure of the cities, especially on the digital public transport.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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