Bavdhan society stages protest against poor water supply

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Bavdhan society stages protest against poor water supply

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Megh Malhar Society, a residential society in Bavdhan, has staged a fierce protest as they do not get high pressure & seamless water supply.

As per further information from Rahul Kondbhar, Resident, Megh Malhar Society, Bavdhan, since last 2-3 years intermittently but especially since last 4-5 months, water supply in Megh Malhar society is very low pressure due to which severe water shortage has occurred. The society has to shut down the water supply for 6 hours every day.

While doing so, the time of the executive/committee members is wasted in planning the water supply and they have to face the wrath of other society members.

The society has to buy/request at least 5/6 water tankers daily. Sometimes 8-10 tankers have to be bought. The average monthly maintenance cost of the society is Rs 2400. The average daily cost of at least 6 water tankers is Rs 900. So, Rs 900 x 6 = Rs 5400 are spent on tankers daily. Hence, the monthly cost for water tankers becomes Rs 5400 x 30 = Rs 1,62,000. This means that, out of the monthly maintenance cost of each member i.e. Rs 2400, Rs 1150, a huge amount, is being spent only to buy water. Though the society members pay PMC property tax regularly, they have to pay extra for water.

Also, the fan purifiers of the members are also getting damaged.

Apart from this, tanker water is affecting the health of the members and many citizens are suffering from stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting.

It should be noted that if any health problem arises in the future, the PMC will be fully responsible for it.

The society residents humbly request the PMC to take serious notice of the water problem and take appropriate and permanent action so that the society gets water supply at regular intervals and with proper pressure.

Shreyas Vange