Bihar Man Innovates India’s First Climate-Resilient Floating House. Read More Here.

Bihar Man Innovates India's First Climate-Resilient Floating House. Read More Here.

Bihar Man Innovates India's First Climate-Resilient Floating House. Read More Here.

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A groundbreaking initiative in Arrah, Bihar, has led to the creation of India’s inaugural climate-resilient floating house. Spearheaded by Prashant Kumar, a Social Artist and Founding Director of the Centre of Resilience, this visionary project aims to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

Prashant Kumar spoke exclusively to Pune Pulse Correspondent Shreyas Vange.

Kumar emphasizes the urgency of adapting to an evolving climate, highlighting the increasing unpredictability of weather patterns and the looming threats of food scarcity and water shortages. The floating house concept emerges as a proactive response to these challenges, offering a solution that is both innovative and sustainable.

The house, currently undergoing rigorous testing, has already demonstrated promising results, maintaining warmth during harsh winter conditions and showcasing resilience to floodwaters. Designed to seamlessly transition from a grounded structure to a floating abode when floods strike, this innovative housing solution holds immense potential for flood-prone regions like Bihar.

Unlike traditional floating houses primarily geared towards tourism, this project prioritizes sustainability. Constructed from locally sourced materials such as bamboo, grass, mud, cow dung, lime, and other elements, the house boasts a water-resistant plaster that can withstand heavy rains. Furthermore, its eco-friendly dry toilet system minimizes environmental impact, highlighting a holistic approach to sustainability.

The journey from conception to realization has been marked by meticulous planning and incremental progress. From the inception of the idea during the 2020 floods to the assembly of a prototype in 2022 and the completion of the full-scale house in 2023, the project has evolved steadily. While currently confined to Arrah, plans are underway to expand this innovative housing model to other flood-prone regions, with Pune slated as a potential future site.

In essence, this endeavor transcends mere infrastructure development; it represents a bold vision for the future, grounded in resilience and sustainability.

As Kumar aptly concludes, it’s not just about creating a tourist attraction—it’s about laying the groundwork for a more resilient and equitable future, one floating house at a time.

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