Blanket of Pink flower covers Bengaluru

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Bengaluru is currently adorned in a stunning hue of pink, courtesy of the blooming pink trumpet flowers from the Tabebuia Rosea trees. 

Residents of the city have taken to social media, particularly X, to share mesmerizing pictures and videos capturing the dreamy ambience created by these vibrant flowers. The Tabebuia Rosea, a neotropical tree, is native to Mexico and Ecuador and typically flowers in January and February during dry weather.

Enthusiastic individuals are encouraging others to explore areas where these beautiful trees are in full bloom. 

The Royal Botanic Gardens notes that besides their aesthetic appeal, Tabebuia Rosea trees have various uses, including providing food, fuel, and serving medicinal and environmental purposes. 

The picturesque display of pink blossoms has created a captivating scene, adding natural beauty to the cityscape.

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