Bramha Suncity residents worried over PMC’s decision to relocate stray dogs in vicinity

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Pune: Residents of Bramha Suncity, located in Wadgaonsheri are expressing concern over the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) plan to relocate stray dogs into their society.

After the incident of a 7-year-old attacked by a pack of dogs, the residents were worried and thereafter PMC had picked up the dogs from the vicinity. But the decision of relocating has caused the atmosphere of fear amongst residents.

Stating the kids are now freely playing in the society and there is fear of dogs. 

Seema Goenka, a resident of Brahma Suncity, said, “Yet we have not officially received any notice that the dogs will be released back in the society but if this happens the situation of fear may again become the same. As of now there are around 10 – 11 dogs in society but they are not causing any harm to residents and kids are playing around the society without any fear.”

Another resident Nitin Nigam added, “We condemn this decision of reintroducing dogs in the society, as it doesn’t make a liveable place and people buy houses to live peacefully. As these dogs acquire our parking and damaging our vehicles and our property.”

He further said, “In the last one and half months after dogs were taken we are living happily. We can walk, kids can play bicycles and the roads are litter free poo free.”

However, PMC  veterinary superintendent Dr Sarika Funde, giving information on the decision of releasing the dogs in society, said, “The dogs will be released in society under police protection. The meeting in this regard will be conducted with the committee and then the final decision will be made. However, as per law we have to drop the dogs back to the place from where they were picked up.”

She further said, “Around 54 dogs from Bramha Sun City were removed, whereas the vaccination and sterilisation of all the dogs has been completed.”

However another resident Vivek Chopra said, “We will escalate this matter to further authorities and we will protest against it. In our society, there are 1000 residents living and PMC is worried about 50 dogs. Is it possible that every time kids have to be escorted by the parents under the fear of dogs.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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