Breach Candy residents express concerns over traffic congestion and environmental impact of Mumbai’s Coastal Road

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Residents of Breach Candy, a prominent area in south Mumbai, have voiced their grievances regarding the traffic congestion caused by the newly inaugurated coastal road. They are also critical of the lack of environmentally friendly planning in the reclamation landscaping along the road.

The traffic congestion has been attributed to the influx of vehicles heading towards the interchange at Bhulabhai Desai road, following the opening of the first phase of the Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj coastal road. The Breach Candy Residents Forum, an Advanced Locality Management group representing the area, has raised concerns with the traffic department regarding these issues.

The forum, consisting of approximately 450 buildings in the neighborhood, has been actively engaged with municipal authorities for waste management, traffic control, and parking solutions over the past four years. However, the recent transformation of the locality from a sea-facing area to one facing the coastal road has led to an increase in outside traffic, exacerbating existing congestion challenges.

“We are experiencing severe congestion on the Bhulabhai Desai road since it is very narrow at some parts and cannot be widened due to the buildings on the sides. The cars coming in from the coastal road have to take a u-turn from the St. Stephens Church and during the peak hours it takes more than 20 minutes to just take the u-turn, causing long traffic jams,” said a member of the Breach Candy ALM.

Residents are particularly critical of the reclamation landscaping along the coastal road, describing it as non-climate-friendly and a misuse of public funds. They emphasize the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious planning to address the adverse impacts of infrastructure projects on the local ecosystem.

Despite ongoing efforts by the Breach Candy ALM to collaborate with municipal authorities, the surge in traffic from the coastal road presents new challenges that require immediate attention and effective solutions to ensure the well-being of residents and mitigate environmental concerns.

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