Bridging Mumbai’s coastal road and sea link expected this week

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Since its partial opening on March 12, Mumbai’s Coastal Road has witnessed a significant influx of vehicles, with nearly 4.5 lakh vehicles traversing the nine-minute signal-free drive from Worli to Marine Drive. The daily average traffic stands at around 19,500 vehicles, peaking at 22,880 vehicles on March 15, with the highest hourly count recorded on March 21.

The imminent bridging of the gap between the Worli end of the southbound arm of the Coastal Road and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link marks a significant development, with a 136-meter-long bow string girder set to be launched by Wednesday. The full opening of the Coastal Road is projected for June, as confirmed by the BMC.

Despite being closed on weekends, exceptions were made on April 13 for Eid and IPL, demonstrating the road’s flexibility. Traffic patterns typically peak during morning and evening rush hours, with the road operating from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and featuring three entry points and two exits.

Residents have hailed the Coastal Road as a game-changer for traffic flow, noting a reduction in congestion along with honking, particularly on weekdays. However, challenges such as U-turns at access points require attention. To address this, the BMC is installing signals at junctions like Breach Candy, aiming to streamline access and alleviate bottlenecks.