Indigo Passenger Recounts Turbulent Flight from Ayodhya to Delhi: Crew and Passengers Experience Panic

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An IndiGo passenger, identified as a cop with the Delhi police, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a distressing account of his recent flight from Ayodhya to Delhi.

The passenger described a harrowing experience during the journey, revealing that both passengers and crew members began experiencing nausea due to fear.

The flight, scheduled to depart Ayodhya for Delhi at 3:25 pm on Saturday, encountered inclement weather en route. Originally slated to land in Delhi at 4:30 pm, the pilot announced a diversion to Chandigarh just 15 minutes before the expected landing time due to adverse weather conditions in the national capital. 

Despite assurances from the pilot that there was still 45 minutes of holding fuel remaining, the attempt to land in Delhi was unsuccessful on two occasions.

The passenger recounted that the pilot’s decision-making process appeared prolonged, leading to feelings of frustration among the passengers. By approximately 5:30 pm, it was announced that the flight would be diverted to Chandigarh. 

At the end of the post, the passenger said that the plane landed at the Chandigarh airport at 6:10 pm after a lapse of nearly two hours since the holding fuel announcement.  He also said that he was informed by the crew staff, after landing in Chandigarh, that there was “only 1 or 2 minutes of fuel left”.

At this point, the passenger noted that both passengers and crew members began experiencing symptoms of nausea, likely due to heightened anxiety and panic caused by the turbulence and uncertainty of the situation.

The post saw a lot of comments from users and many praised the pilot for his quick work in diverting the flight to a different destination.

“Had the pilot blundered, you wouldn’t have been able to make this post!” one user wrote.

“I truly believe this post should have been a thanks to pilot post instead of blame the pilot and airline,” another user wrote.

“That’s scary. Pilot and the Airline should be more decissive”, wrote an user.

Reacting to the incident, Indigo released a statement which said that the captain had executed a “go-around”, which was in-line with the standard operating procedure and added that the flight had sufficient fuel, at all times