CBSE: Class 10 to soon have 3 languages, 7 subjects; Class 12 to have 6 subjects

CBSE: Class 10 to soon have 3 languages, 7 subjects; Class 12 to have 6 subjects

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According to reports, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has suggested making significant changes to the academic framework for secondary and higher secondary education. 

One of the changes is that Class 10 will now study three languages instead of just two, with the requirement that two of the languages be native to India. Furthermore, instead of the current requirement of five subjects passed, students in Class 10 may now need to pass in ten.

Similarly, students in Class 12 would now study two languages rather than just one, provided that at least one of them is a native language of India. In total, they would need to pass exams in six subjects rather than just five.

According to the report, the proposed modifications are a part of the CBSE’s strategy to implement a national credit framework for education. 

According to the National Education Policy 2020, the framework’s goal is to create educational parity between general education and vocational education while promoting smooth transitions between the two systems.

The CBSE proposal states that 40 credits, or 1,200 national learning hours, would make up an academic year.

National Learning is defined as the approximate time required for a typical learner to complete specific learning objectives.

To meet the passing requirements, a student needs to complete 1,200 study hours in total within a year. Every subject has a set amount of hours allotted to it, which includes academic instruction in the classroom as well as extracurricular, experiential, and non-academic learning activities.

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