Central Railway announces additional halts on Pune-Miraj Express Route

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By: Pune Pulse

August 18, 2023 

Pune: For the convenience of passengers, the Central Railway has included halts at four new stations for the 12493/12494 Hazarat Nizamuddin (NZM) to Miraj Express between Pune and Miraj. The halts are at Jejuri, Satara, Karad and Sangli. It will come into effect from August 18, 2023, for the train departing from NZM, and from August 20, 2023, for the train departing from Miraj.

The new halts and timings are as follows:

12494 NZM-Miraj Express:

Jejuri: Halt from 19:48 to 19:50 hrs

Satara: Halt from 21:42 to 21:45 hrs

Karad: Halt from 22:37 to 22:40 hrs

Sangli: Halt from 23:52 to 23:55 hrs

12493 Miraj-NZM Express

Sangli: Halt from 5:02 to 5:05 hrs

Karad: Halt from 6:02 to 6:05 hrs

Satara: Halt from 7:07 to 7:10 hrs

Jejuri: Halt from 8.43 to 8.45 hrs

The central railway hopes that by making this change, the convenience and connectivity for travellers between Pune and Miraj will be enhanced. Commuters will gain better accessibility to important towns and cities along these extended routes because of additional halts. Passengers must pay attention to the updated schedules and make travel arrangements appropriately. The central railway is still dedicated to giving customers comfortable and secure transport options. Travellers should visit the official central railway website or get in touch with railway authorities for more details and schedules.  

Madhupriya Dhanwate