Central Railway Extends Pune-Amravati Special Express Due to Popular Demand

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In response to the growing demand from passengers, Central Railway has made the decision to extend the Pune-Amravati-Pune Express. Originally set to conclude its services on July 2nd, the train will now continue operations until July 28th and 30th, ensuring a more comfortable travel experience for commuters.

The Pune-Amravati Special Express, also known as Train No. 01439, was introduced in December of last year and runs twice a week. Departing from Pune at 10:50 PM every Friday and Sunday, the train will now be in service from June 30th to July 30th. The route includes stops at Daund, Kurduwadi, Latur, Parbhani, and Hingoli before arriving at Akola railway station at 2:55 PM the following day (Saturday and Monday). After a brief 5-minute halt, the train will continue its journey to its final destination, Amravati.

Similarly, the Amravati-Pune Special Express, referred to as Train No. 01440, will depart from Amravati at 7:50 AM every Saturday and Monday, starting from July 1st until July 31st. The train will pass through Badnera-Murtijapur before reaching Akola station at 9:20 PM on the same day. It will then proceed to Pune railway station, arriving at 4:20 PM the following day (Sunday and Tuesday).

Passengers seeking additional information about train schedules, ticket availability, and any further updates are encouraged to visit the official website of the Railway.