Central Railway gears up for Monsoons : Sets Up Railway Flood Rescue Team

Pune Pulse
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In anticipation of the upcoming monsoon season, Central Railway’s Mumbai Division with Railway Protection Force’s Railway Flood Rescue Team (RFRT) has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of passengers in case of water floods. We are pleased to share the following information about our preparedness and the resources at our disposal:

  1. RFRT Deployment: A dedicated Railway Flood Rescue Team comprising 14 RPF personnel, who have received training from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in Pune, will be deployed to flood-prone areas. They will be equipped with five inflatable rescue boats to assist in rescue operations.
  2. Inflatable Boats: The Mumbai Division has recently acquired five inflatable boats with one each strategically stationed at important railway stations including Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Matunga, Kurla, Thane, and Badlapur. These boats will play a crucial role in ensuring swift and efficient rescue operations.
  3. Prompt Response: The RFRT, along with other staff members from relevant posts, will promptly report to flooded areas whenever required or informed by other departments. Their presence will be instrumental in providing timely assistance to affected passengers.
  4. Circulation of SOP: The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the RFRT and the use of inflatable rescue boats has been circulated to all RPF Post Incharges within the Mumbai Division. This ensures that all personnel are well-versed in the protocols and procedures to be followed during flood-related emergencies.
  5. Mock Drill: To assess the readiness of the RFRT, a mock drill was conducted on March 10, 2023, at the Railway Dam in Palasdhari, Karjat. This exercise involved the deployment of all five inflatable boats, allowing our trained personnel to practice rescue operations and enhance their preparedness.
  6. Support to Western Railway: As per the requisition received from the Western Railway, three inflatable boats and seven trained staff members from the Mumbai Division have been provided. These resources are now available at the following locations:
  • Gandhidham Railway Station (Ahmedabad Division, WR) with two staff members
  • Dwarka Railway Station (Rajkot Division, WR) with three staff members
  • Porbandar Railway Station (Bhavnagar Division, WR) with two staff members
  1. Crowd Control and Disaster Management Plan: The RPF Mumbai Division has prepared a comprehensive plan for crowd control and disaster management as part of our monsoon preparation. This plan includes manpower augmentation, control room augmentation, and essential contact numbers for Police, GRP, Hospitals, Fire Brigade, Municipal Authorities, NDRF, and other agencies. It also incorporates flood-prone areas and dates of high tides for effective response.
  2. Disaster Management Teams: Three dedicated Disaster Management Teams, each comprising 15 RPF officers and staff members, have been formed. These teams will play a pivotal role in coordinating relief efforts and ensuring the safety of passengers during flood situations.
  3. Supervision and Oversight: The General Officers (GOs) of the RPF will provide daily supervision and guidance, closely monitoring the preparedness and response measures in place.
  4. Drone Camera and Trained Personnel: To enhance relief activities monitoring, two drone cameras have been made available. Furthermore, four RPF personnel have undergone specialized training to operate these drones effectively.
  5. Other Equipment and Resources include:
  • 75 loudhailers
  • 100 raincoats
  • Sufficient quantity of rope and luminous tapes
  • 225 luminous jackets
  • 90 ladders
  • 318 nos of 5-watt walkie-talkies
  • 03 nos of 25-watt VHF sets
  • 250 nos of LEDs