Central Railway Introduces Odour Sensors in Vande Bharat Executive Coaches 

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Central Railway Introduces Odour Sensors in Vande Bharat Executive Coaches 

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Central Railway has taken two significant initiatives on trial basis aimed at improving passenger experience and addressing operational challenges within the Vande Bharat coaches. 

Odour Sensors Implementation for Lavatories in Executive Coaches:

In a proactive step toward enhancing cleanliness and responding promptly to passenger concerns, Central Railway has introduced odour sensors in the lavatories of the executive coaches within Vande Bharat rakes. These sensors are deployed on a trial basis and are designed to analyse odour levels within the lavatory environment continuously. Upon detecting an increase in odour intensity, the sensor triggers an instant alert message to the housekeeping staff.

This innovative technology empowers staff to promptly attend to any identified areas, ensuring swift action to maintain cleanliness standards and mitigate passenger discomfort. After a successful trial period, these odour sensors will be progressively installed in all other coaches, further enhancing hygiene and comfort throughout the train.

Modification of Pneumatic Pipe Orientation in Vande Bharat Coaches :

Recognising a recurring challenge related to cattle run-over incidents impacting the pneumatic pipe from main reservoir to auto drain valve of the Driving Trailer Coach (DTC) of Vande Bharat trains, Central Railway has initiated a crucial modification. Addressing the vulnerability of damage due to entanglement with foreign objects during such incidents, the pneumatic pipe’s orientation has been reversed in one DTC coach.

The pneumatic pipe from Main reservoir cylinder to auto drain valve gets damaged due to entanglement with foreign objects during cattle runover cases, as it is in the first line of contact. Due to this, auto drain valve gets damaged in DTC coaches.

To avoid damages of auto drain valve and connective pipe, the orientation of pneumatic pipe has been reversed on one DTC coach and kept under monitoring. If found successful, then this modification will be carried out in other DTC coaches of vande bharat rakes. 

This strategic modification aims to safeguard the auto drain valve and the connective pipe, thereby reducing damages and ensuring smoother operations even in challenging circumstances. The effectiveness of this modified orientation is currently under careful monitoring, and upon successful validation, the same modification will be extended to other DTC coaches within Vande Bharat rakes.

These initiatives underscore Central Railway’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety, comfort, and operational efficiency. They represent a proactive approach to address challenges and continually enhance the travel experience for passengers using Vande Bharat coaches.

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