Tiger crosses road, scares man walking near Jim Corbett National Park 

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Tiger crosses road, scares man walking near Jim Corbett National Park 

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The video shared on X depicts a scene between a man walking on a road near Jim Corbett National Park and a tiger crossing his way. 

The video between a man and a tiger, which was caught on camera, created a terrifying moment. This incident occurred in close proximity to Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park. A video shared on X depicts the sudden emergence of the tiger from the bushes, startling a man who was walking along a deserted road.

The video capturing the incident has become immensely popular on various social media platforms, prompting numerous individuals to share it. Parveen Kaswan, an IFS officer, also took to Twitter to share the video, accompanied by a concise caption. “Could this man be considered the most fortunate? The tiger appears completely unfazed. Filmed at Corbett,” he stated.

In the video, an individual can be observed strolling along a deserted road, devoid of any signs of human presence or vehicles. Unexpectedly, he abruptly halts his movement and swiftly dashes in the opposite direction as a tiger emerges from the surrounding bushes. Fortunately, this encounter is brief, as the feline crosses the road and vanishes on the other side. After a few moments of stillness, the man resumes his walk, continuing on his path.

The clip has garnered nearly 290,000 views. Additionally, the share has received over 3,600 likes. Individuals posted various comments in response to the video. 

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