Chabeel divas observed at Lonkar garden

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Pune: Chabeel divas, the martyrdom day (Shaheedi divas) of Sikh Guru Sri Arjan Dev ji was observed on May 28 by the residents of NIBM road outside Lonkar garden in Kondhwa.

The organisers of the programme informed, “This day is observed in remembrance to our Guru Arjan devji who sacrificed his life. After refusing to compromise his faith, the Mughals sat him on a burning hot iron plate. Instead of mourning, people observe this day by offering coolers (rose milk drink) and chana.”

MLA Ravindra Dhangekar and, Prashant Jagtap, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)  Pune city President and Narayan Lonkar. More than 7,000 people had coolers and chana which was offered to them by over 150 volunteers.

The event was supported by Guruvider Singh Rajpal, Bobby Sawhney, Situ Rajpal, Tejpal Suri, Paramjeet Singh Rajpal, Rinku Kalda, Tara Singh, and many others.