Comprehensive media workshop on ‘Southwest Monsoon 2023’ held at IMD Pune

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Pune: A media workshop on the theme ‘Enhancing Weather Reporting & Climate Communication’ was organized on Thursday at Indian Meteorological Department Pune by Climate Research & Services, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Pune and Indian Meteorological Society, Pune chapter. The workshop was organized to educate everyone about weather forecast reporting & communication.

Speaking about the workshop Dr A K Sahay, Scientist, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology said, “Reporting or conveying things to people in a proper & non-sensational manner about weather & forecast should be the role of the media. People’s perception of IMD depends on it. In 2017, some people came & threatened to close the gate of IMD whereas, in 2018, the very same people offered gifts. What is happening is that private forecasters give their own weather predictions. If it passes or fails, they say that IMD has given this prediction/update. Thus, appropriate communication about forecasts must be done by the media itself.”

Various points about parameters of detecting monsoon, criteria of weather warnings, categories of rainfall, types of weather forecast & many more points related to weather & forecasting were discussed.

Various notable IMD scientists & experts like Dr Anupam Kashyapi, Head, Weather Forecasting Department, IMD Pune, Dr Kumar, Dr A K Sahay, Dr O P Sreejith, Amit Anjan & many more were present at the workshop.

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Shreyas Vange