Chinese Airlines gives ticket for Rs 83 after technical glitch

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Chinese Airlines gives ticket for Rs 83 after technical glitch

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A Chinese airline experienced an technical glitch in pricing airline tickets for certain domestic flights, resulting in prices as low as $1 (Rs 83). This unexpected glitch occurred on Wednesday and caused a surge of excitement among enthusiastic travellers.

As a result, routine airfare searches on China Southern Airlines’ website turned into an exhilarating virtual treasure hunt. During China’s busiest online shopping period, China Southern Airlines Co., which is based in Guangzhou, faced a challenging situation when its booking system encountered a glitch.

The malfunction impacted the prices of air tickets on the airline’s application and multiple online ticketing platforms. Certain routes, like Chengdu to Shanghai, exhibited astonishingly low fares, as low as $1.37 (Rs 114). Around 8 pm on Wednesday, this event occurred, coinciding with the surge of reports on Chinese social media about the availability of flights to and from Chengdu at an incredibly low-price range of 10 to 30 yuan. Online platforms were flooded with screenshots displaying prices that appeared too good to be genuine.

On Thursday, China Southern Airlines promptly addressed the system glitch on its official Weibo social media account and reassured passengers that their tickets, regardless of the low prices, will still be honored. Additionally, the airline took advantage of the situation to remind travelers to keep an eye out for upcoming promotions related to Singles’ Day, a popular shopping event in China that starts this Saturday. This unforeseen turn of events in the pricing of airfares is not the initial occurrence.

In the month of April, passengers were able to secure roundtrip tickets on Japanese airline All Nippon Airways for a mere $300, despite their actual value being $10,000, owing to a currency malfunction.

Nevertheless, the airline adopted a contrasting approach by declining to honour these flights instead choosing to cancel them and provide complete refunds, attributing the cancellations to “erroneously processed” transactions.