Chitale Bandhu Expands Reach with Launch of Chitale Americas in New Jersey

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Pune’s renowned sweet shop, Chitale Bandhu, has taken a significant step towards international expansion with the inauguration of its first official Mithai Kiosk in New Jersey.

The launch coincided with the auspicious occasion of Gudhi Padwa, marking a momentous beginning for Chitale Americas.

Situated at the Nagpuri Saoji Restaurant in Iselin, NJ, the newly opened kiosk promises to bring the authentic flavors of Chitale Bandhu’s delectable sweets to the heart of America. This move reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering its signature treats to customers beyond the borders of India.

Expressing his delight over the expansion, Indraneel Chitale remarked, “We are thrilled to announce the opening of our first Shop in Shop Mithai Kiosk in New Jersey. This marks the beginning of our journey with Chitale Americas, and we look forward to many more milestones this summer.”

Addressing the global reach of Chitale Bandhu, he added, “While our presence extends to Europe through exports, the trade regulations pertaining to dairy products limit our offerings to snacks primarily. However, with Chitale Americas, we aim to cater to a diverse audience with our range of delectable sweets.”

Customers were delighted to know and commented on the news on X post with their reactions and extended their best wishes looking forward to enjoy the delicacies 

“I am eagerly hoping that you manage to send Amrakhand over someday. Till then will have to let me son do with Bedekar Amrakhand which is nowhere close. ;-)”

The launch of Chitale Americas signifies a new chapter in Chitale Bandhu’s legacy, as it continues to spread its culinary delights across continents, delighting customers with its rich tradition of quality and taste.