Clover Highlands society opens vaccination facility for its members

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Over 100 residents of Clover Highlands society got themselves vaccinated with Covishield vaccine at the center started by Healing Hands Clinic. This facility is only for the residents of Clover Highlands society.

Nanda Lonkar, local Corporator Prabhag 26 Nibm Road Kausarbaugh Mohamadwadi said, “Vaccination has become an integral part in fighting against the deadly Covid19.

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With this center the society members will get the facility right at their doorstep. The society members should avail the facility. I am happy that I could be of their help in arranging the facility for them. It was due to my consistent efforts for the past few days in arranging a vaccination center within their premises.”

The initiative of starting a vaccination center was taken by Piya Mirajkar, Sangeeta Saxena, Raju Dave and members of Clover Highlands.

Lonkar further shared that NIBM Kausarbaugh Mohamadwadi is probably the first ward in the Pune Municipal Corporation limits where vaccination center within the society premises has started. In the coming few days, Vaccination center shall also start at Bramha Majestic, Hill Mist Garden, Konark Indrayu Phase I and II, all Sunshree societies (in Sunshree The Gold) in phase wise manner. This will be dedicated for the residents for these societies only. I have been consistently following up with the health officials and PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar to arrange a facility for the residents of my ward. Today, the society Vaccination center kicked off with Clover Highlands.