Cockroach Found in Train Meal: Passenger’s Video Goes Viral on Reddit

Cockroach Found in Train Meal: Passenger's Video Goes Viral on Reddit

Cockroach Found in Train Meal: Passenger's Video Goes Viral on Reddit

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A video posted on Reddit in June 2024 has added to the growing concerns about the quality of services provided by Indian Railways. The video, which quickly gained attention, shows a passenger discovering a cockroach in their IRCTC-ordered vegetable thali. 

Cockroach in food
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This incident has sparked outrage and sarcastic comments from users on the ‘Indian Railways’ subreddit, further tarnishing the reputation of Indian Railways.

The passenger, who had been looking forward to a simple meal, was horrified to find the cockroach in their gulab jamun. The video caption reads, “For the first time, I ordered dinner from IRCTC, and this is what I got: a living cockroach.” The post has gone viral, with many Reddit users expressing their disgust and disappointment with the state of cleanliness and hygiene in train meals.

This video, like others, highlights issues such as cleanliness and delays, adding to the reputational hurdles confronting the Indian Railways. The video swiftly garnered attention, with Reddit users writing witty remarks in the comment section, as evident from the numerous upvotes received.

“One user jokingly commented that this cockroach will add more protein value to the food, “Crunchy protein-rich diet,” commented a user.

‘That’s why I don’t eat anything that is cooked in railways or stations. Either I take my own food or I just buy packaged snacks. I will fast for the day if I don’t have anything,” wrote another user.

“Railways: You can’t complain about it as you have been served expensive non-vegetarian thali that is so fresh that it’s live on the plate,” wrote a third user.

This incident is the latest in a series of passenger complaints about Indian Railways, which have been increasingly highlighted on social media. Videos and posts about issues such as cleanliness, overcrowding, and delays have gone viral, creating significant reputational challenges for the department. The visibility of these issues on platforms like Reddit underscores the need for Indian Railways to address these concerns promptly and improve the quality of their services to regain passenger trust.