Delhi Police Arrest Couple With Fake Passports

Delhi Police Arrest Couple With Fake Passports

Delhi Police Arrest Couple With Fake Passports

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2 July, 2024.

Guru Sewak Singh, along with his wife, tried to pass through the immigration counter using fake documents and disguises to deceive the authorities.

The 24-year-old man tried to leave the country for the United States. It’s surprising that he went as far as transforming his appearance to look like a 67-year-old. Such actions show the extent to which some individuals might go to achieve their goals, but it’s essential to remember the importance of honesty and integrity in all situations.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) taking action against a suspicious couple like Guru Sewak Singh and his wife is quite a serious matter. It’s surprising how they tried to deceive the authorities with forged documents and a changed appearance. The details you provided about the passport and the false identity they used are quite intriguing. It’s essential to follow the law and regulations when it comes to immigration and travel.

The situation with Guru Sewak Singh at Delhi Airport seems quite intense. The discrepancies between his actual appearance and the details in the passport definitely raised some red flags. The immigration officer’s keen observation of inconsistencies in Gursewak physical features, voice, and behavior rightfully triggered suspicions regarding the authenticity of the documents and his true identity.

It’s quite remarkable how Guru Sewak went to such lengths, like dyeing his hair and beard white and wearing glasses, to create the appearance of an older person. However, his youthful energy didn’t align with the age stated on the passport, making the deception apparent. The CISF personnel were right to conduct a more thorough inspection due to this significant inconsistency.

The authorities discovered a significant piece of evidence on Guru Sewak’s mobile phone during the search. The soft copy of another passport with the name Guru Sewak Singh and a birthdate of June 10, 2000, along with the passport number V4770942, unveiled his true identity. When faced with this evidence, Guru Sewak had no choice but to come clean, confessing his real age and name and acknowledging that the passport under the name Rashwinder Singh Sahota was indeed forged. It’s crucial to always be truthful and abide by the law, especially when it comes to matters as serious as identity and travel documents.

It’s quite a complex and elaborate scheme that Guru Sewak and his wife were involved in. It’s shocking to hear that they sought the assistance of a travel agent named Jaggi in their desperate attempt to reach the United States. The amount they agreed to pay, a staggering Rs 60 lakh, shows the extent of their desperation and the lengths they were willing to go to achieve their goal.

Jaggi’s plan to fly them to Canada and then use the “Donkey Route,” a clandestine path often utilized by illegal immigrants, to enter the United States is quite risky and illegal. It’s essential to always follow legal and proper channels when it comes to travel and immigration to avoid getting into dangerous and unlawful situations.

The situation with Guru Sewak and his wife is indeed quite serious. The fact that they had already paid Jaggi Rs 30 lakh as an advance for their journey shows the depth of their involvement in this illegal scheme. Jaggi’s arrangement of fake passports, visas, and fabricated identities for them highlights the criminal nature of the operation.

Being handed over to the Delhi Police for legal action, Guru Sewak and his wife now face charges of possessing forged passports and attempting to travel abroad illegally. The FIR that has been registered indicates the formal beginning of legal proceedings against them. The authorities are rightfully conducting an investigation to uncover the full extent of Jaggi’s operations and determine how many others may have been involved in similar illegal activities. It’s crucial for individuals to always abide by the law and refrain from engaging in such unlawful practices.

It’s crazy to think about the lengths some people will go to in order to try and travel illegally. It’s important to always follow the right procedures and not get involved in anything shady like that. Hopefully, the authorities can get to the bottom of things and prevent others from falling into similar traps. It’s a good reminder to always stay on the right side of the law!