Devotees’ Convenience a Priority : Pune District Collector Reviews Palkhi Marg

Pune Pulse
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Pune District Collector Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh recently undertook a visit to the Pune-Saswad-Jejuri-Neera palanquin (Palkhi) route, which is traversed by the Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi. During the visit, he inspected the palanquin bases and resting places, emphasizing the need to prioritize devotees’ comfort and convenience.

The administration has been instructed to ensure the provision of essential facilities along the Palkhi route, including healthcare services, an ample supply of medicine, mobile toilets, water, and electricity. Efforts are also underway to address issues such as water accumulation by filling pits and repairing affected areas using sand and other suitable materials.

To address potential technical difficulties, additional reserve pumps will be available for drinking water schemes in villages where the Palkhi stays. The deployment of water tankers and the implementation of alternative systems are also being planned. Moreover, sufficient resting space for devotees at the Zendevadi resting place, commonly used after crossing the Dive Ghat stage, will be secured by coordinating with neighboring private landowners.

To ensure uninterrupted power supply, the use of generators as backup systems has been directed. The Collector also inspected the progress of a bridge construction project over the Karha River and urged the acceleration of the work. Plans are being made to allow the Palkhi to pass over the bridge once it is completed.

Further instructions were given to inspect and complete the boundary wall work of staying rooms in Jejuri. Additionally, the Collector inspected resting places near Borawke Mala, Valhe, and Neera in Saswad, and emphasized the immediate repair of guard walls on the bridge over the Neera River.

The restoration of the resting place near the Uruli Devachi police station in Haveli taluka was also highlighted. During the visit, the Collector interacted with local villagers to gain insights into their concerns and issues.

In response to complaints about littering in Dive Ghat, it was recommended that the area be regularly patrolled, and strict action should be taken against violators.

The inspection was attended by various officials, including Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer Ayush Prasad, Pune Rural Police Superintendent Ankit Goyal, former State Minister Bala Bhegde, Haveli Provincial Officer Sanjay Aswale, Daund-Purandar Sub Divisional Officer Minaj Mulla, Shri Sant Dyandev Maharaj Devasthan Alandi Officer, Haveli Tehsildar Kiran Survase, and National Highway Executive Engineer Abhijit Auty.