Pune : New Traffic Diversions at Wakad Underpass Announced To Carry Out Pre-Monsoon Road Repairs

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Traffic Diverted

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In an effort to address waterlogging and alleviate traffic congestion on the service road leading from Bhujbal Chowk (Wakad Underpass) to Sayaji Underpass, local authorities have initiated repair works before the monsoon season. These preventive measures aim to curb waterlogging and subsequent traffic jams in the area.

To facilitate the road repairs, Dr. Kakasaheb Dole, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, has announced immediate traffic diversions that will be in effect until May 31st. These temporary traffic diversions have been put in place to minimize inconvenience to all stakeholders.

The newly implemented traffic diversions include the following:

  1. Route Change for Vehicles from Surya Underpass to Sayaji Underpass via Wakad Naka:
    • Rerouting through Indian Oil Chowk, Kasturi Chowk, and Bhumkar Chowk.
  2. Diversion for Traffic from Indian Oil Chowk to Sayaji Underpass and Wakadgaon via Wakad Naka:
    • Diversion from Savtamali Mandir, proceeding towards the intended destination via the Wakad Flyover Bridge.
  3. Alternative U-turn Option for Motorists from Indian Oil Chowk to Satara Lane:
    • Instead of taking the usual U-turn at Wakad Naka Sayaji Underpass, motorists can now make a U-turn under the Wakad Flyover Bridge itself. They can then proceed to their destination via the highway on the Satara lane.
  4. Route Change for Vehicles Heading to the Highway from Indian Oil Chowk via Wakad Naka:
    • Mandatory route change via Kasturi Chowk- Vinode Vasti Bhumkar Chowk.

These temporary traffic diversions have been implemented to ensure smoother traffic flow and to avoid any disruptions caused by the ongoing repair works. Motorists are advised to follow the specified diversions and plan their journeys accordingly.

By proactively undertaking these repair works and implementing temporary traffic diversions, local authorities aim to create a more efficient and hassle-free commuting experience for the residents of Pune.