Dheeraj Sahu IT Raid: Four days and cash counting still continues 

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Dheeraj Sahu IT Raid: Four days and cash counting still continues

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The Congress said it has no connection to the MP’s businesses as the counting of notes on properties connected to Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu continued on Saturday and is still ongoing. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh stated that only the MP himself can and should explain how such a significant sum of money has allegedly been discovered by the income tax authorities from his properties, following the BJP’s intensified criticism of the party on the matter. 

Regarding this enormous financial gain, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that he guarantees that every penny will be given back to the people. BJP leaders asked the party to end its silence on the matter by sharing a photo of Dhiraj Sahu with Rahul Gandhi.

As per further information, even though the income tax raids began on Wednesday, the officials stated on Saturday that the note counting was still ongoing, even after four days. The SBI regional manager stated that because the bank was open, not all of the staff was assigned to the counting task. If more note-counting devices and people are deployed, perhaps the counting will be completed by Sunday.

Till now, Rs 300 crore in cash stored in almirah racks have been discovered on the premises. According to reports, this will be the largest “black money” recovery ever made by any agency in a single operation.

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