Digi Yatra system to be implemented from March 31 for all at Pune airport 

Pune Pulse Non- integration of Digiyatra service compels passengers to queue up at Pune airport 

Non- integration of Digiyatra service compels passengers to queue up at Pune airport 

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Pune airport is all set to start the Digi Yatra system from Friday, March 31 for all passengers at the aiport. The DigiYatra-platform, which uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the passenger, is now available for passengers flying out of Pune airport. This system will provide a hassle-free and paperless experience for passengers by allowing them to pass through security seamlessly.

The system has been operational at Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi airports since December, and the Airport Authority of India has approved its installation in Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Vijayawada.

Pune airport has faced issues with crowding, making security checks even more complicated. The introduction of DigiYatra will provide a much-needed solution for passengers, allowing them to use the system and experience seamless entry until they board their flight.

Passengers will no longer need to produce a physical ID card, as their facial features will be captured and verified through the DigiYatra system. The introduction of this system is a significant step towards a more secure, efficient, and technology-driven airport experience for passengers

“DigiYatra can be confident in a smooth admission process up till boarding of passengers on their flight. There will be notices about the system at the airport, and we intend to hire some authorities to direct travellers on how to sign up for and utilise it”, said Santosh Dhoke, Pune Airport Director.  

How will the Digi Yatra system work for passengers ?

  • Digi Yatra allows flyers to walk through the cameras by using the biometric security solutions.
  • Presently, it is active at three aiports, Varanasi, Delhi, Bengaluru since December
  • Pune Airport has made separate entry for passengers at both the departure gates using Digi Yatra App.
  • Digi Yatra app must be downloaded by the flyers and register themselves by using Aadhar linked number
  • Linking identity credentials through Digi locker or Aadhar offline is a must
  • Apart from Pune, the system will be soon be started at Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Kolkata airports in the second phase
  • Flyers can upload their boarding pass too on the Digi Yatra account
  • Flyers must scan their boarding pass and look into the facial recongition system
  • If required the flyers also have to click a selfie and upload it
  • Once the flyers details are validated, the e-gate will open and flyers can enter.  

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