Dumping spot turns into a welcome sight in Wanowrie

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For the past one decade, residents of Wanowrie, mainly residing around the Samvidhan chowk were living in filthy conditions as the open private plot was made into a dumping ground. Despite raising the concerns with the Pune Municipal Corporation, the plot owners and the local corporators, the complaints did not yield any result.

Several clean up drives were held in the past on the ground, by Wanawadi Residents Forum, Senior Citizens Forum in association with Pune Municipal Corporation. The gigantic work needed continuous efforts from the residents as well as PMC, local corporator and some private agencies and change in the mindset of the people as we all walked closed to becoming one the cleanest cities in India.

Residents of Wanowrie recently held a meeting with the local corporator Kalinda Punde and apprised him of the situation causing filthy conditions and the need to clear the plot. In the meeting held at Green Valley society clubhouse in the month of October 2021, son of Kalinda Punde had assured that soon cleaning up of the plot shall begin. As promised the work started off few weeks ago and currently the plot is almost clean as the waste has been picked up by the PMC staff alongwith the help of Adar Poonawala Clean Cities Initiative and some local residents.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, local Corporator Prabhag 25 Wanawadi Ramtekdi, Kalinda Murlidhar Punde said, ‘The residents of the area have been complaining about the garbage and littering of waste in the plot for many years. Since, the plot is owned privately, we could not do much. But I took up the initiative and spoke to the plot owners and found out a solution and decided to clean as the community health was at stake. I have deployed JCB machines through my personal funds to remove the waste and clear the plot.’

A resident of Flower Valley society in Wanowrie, Dr Leena Shah, while speaking to Pune Pulse said, “The plot looks very clean now. The residents are hoping that the entire area looks plastic free and aesthetically beautiful too. We are thankful to Mahesh Punde and Kalinda Punde, entire team of Wanawadi Ramtekdi ward office who have supported in clearing off the waste from the plot.”

Avro Chatterjee, secretary, Green Valley society said, “We have been raising the issue for the last many years now. Even when we had held a meeting in the October 2021 with Mahesh Punde, son of Kalinda Punde we had asked them for a solution to the increasing problem in the area majorly on the ground. With the present cleanup we are happy that it is done and hoping that the work gets over soon.”