ED conducts raid on DS Kulkarni’s office in Pune city 

ED conducts raid on DS Kulkarni's office in Pune city

ED conducts raid on DS Kulkarni's office in Pune city

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has conducted a raid on DS Kulkarni’s office in Pune. Two teams of ED, dispatched from Mumbai this morning, are currently taking action. ED officials, along with officers from the Central Investigation Agency, are stationed outside the office premises.

DS Kulkarni had previously faced imprisonment for defrauding customers, resulting in cases being filed against him across multiple police stations.
Subsequently, he was granted bail. The ED’s operation at his office located on Jungli Maharaj Road in Pune commenced early this morning.
ED teams have arrived at DSK’s office in Pune, where they are currently scrutinizing documents. Just two days ago, Kulkarni had requested custody of these documents in court.

The office has been under ED control for several years, having been seized by the agency previously. DS Kulkarni faces multiple fraud cases filed against him in Pune.

The office of DS Kulkarni has been under the ED’s radar for a while due to allegations of fraud. Kulkarni, who had spent some time in jail over cheating accusations, has various cases registered against him across Pune. Despite being granted bail, the ED has continued its investigation into his affairs.
Today’s raid is part of the ongoing efforts to uncover any wrongdoing. With teams dispatched from Mumbai, the ED is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for justice.