Pune Municipal Corporation Gears Up For Disaster Management Ahead Of Monsoon 

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Pune: PMC Issues Notice To Yerwada Insurance Company Over Alleged Unauthorized Construction

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With the monsoon looming, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is intensifying its efforts to ensure the city is well-prepared to tackle potential disasters.

Led by Disaster Management Officer Ganesh Sonune, PMC has planned the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and extensive training for over 2000 municipal employees.
Sonune highlighted the critical need for preparedness, citing the city’s susceptibility to floods due to the Mula and Mutha rivers traversing its heart, coupled with the proximity of the Khadakwasla project’s dam network. Recognizing these risks, PMC has prioritized disaster management protocols ahead of the monsoon’s onset.

Collaboration is key, emphasized Sonune, noting ongoing discussions with the District Disaster Management Authority and the Collector’s directive to maintain coordination across all city departments. Additionally, PMC is actively engaging with Pune Metro officials to address potential challenges, such as drainage obstruction caused by metro pillars in certain areas.

The city faces three primary disaster categories: floods, road accidents, and fires. To address these concerns, PMC has conducted extensive training sessions from December to March, focusing on disaster response, search and rescue operations, and the protection of public property. Civil security forces have played a pivotal role in this initiative.
As part of the ongoing efforts, PMC is diligently crafting SOPs tailored to disaster management requirements. Once finalized, these guidelines will be disseminated to all zonal offices of the Municipal Corporation, ensuring uniformity and efficiency in disaster response protocols citywide.