Experience authentic Sri Lankan food in Pune

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Novotel Pune is all set to celebrate the flavours of the tropical country of Srilanka. Although a close neighbour of India, Sri Lankan cuisine still remains widely unexplored.

Chef Anura will be coming all the way from Colombo to educate your taste buds with his expertise in this cuisine. He’s very particular about his ingredients and works only with the choicest spices and ingredients sourced from his home country. His modern presentation of traditional Sri Lankan dishes combines delicious tastes with art to create exceptional masterpieces.

The first menu will include some of the choicest Sri Lankan dishes like Elawalu Katlet, (vegetable cutlet), Sini Sambol Pun (spicy onion buns), Amu Amba Maluwa (raw mango curry), Polos Ambula (baby jackfruit curry), Daella Kari (squid curry), Elu Mas Kalu Pol Maluwa (lamb in black curry) and much more. There will also be live counters for the classic Sri Lankan favourites Kotthu Roti, hoppers and string hoppers.

Traditional desserts such as Kurundhu Pudima (cinnamon caramel pudding), PolTopi (coconut toffee), Kaju Aluwa and Kesel kek ( banana cake ) to indulge your sweet tooth. The ambiance of the restaurant will be designed to transport you to the beaches of Colombo.

Where: The Square, Novotel Pune

When:  19th – 28th May 2023, 7:00 PM onwards

Price: Non-Spirited, INR 1550 ++