Father Arrested After Making 19 Calls to School Complaining About Son’s Homework

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A father from Ohio, Adam Sizemore, landed in legal trouble for repeatedly calling his child’s school to voice complaints about excessive homework. The incident, which occurred at Kramer Elementary School, involved Sizemore expressing frustration with the homework load and allegedly making threats and using profanity directed at the school’s principal.

According to Detective Sergeant Adam Price of the Oxford Police Department, Sizemore’s initial calls to the school demanding to speak with the principal escalated into a series of calls to the police department, totaling 18 to 19 within an hour. 

Despite attempts by police officers to visit his home, Sizemore refused to open the door, continuing to make calls. Sizemore denied some of the accusations against him, stating that he was trying his best as a single father. However, police reports indicate that he used offensive language against school staff and made threats to ensure the officer lost his job.

The situation further deteriorated when Sizemore admitted to being “high” during the calls. He faced charges of telecommunications harassment and menacing, each carrying a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail if found guilty.

The school provided evidence of Sizemore’s behavior, including unclear speech and inappropriate language, leading to his arrest outside his home. Despite warnings and termination of calls by the principal, Sizemore persisted in contacting the school, prompting legal action against him.

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