Woman Criticizes Air India for Allegedly Giving Away Mother’s Business Class Seat, Airline responds

Woman Criticizes Air India for Allegedly Giving Away Mother's Business Class Seat, Airline responds
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A woman took to social media to express her frustration with Air India, claiming that her mother faced seat issues during a long-haul flight from Delhi to Washington DC. According to the woman, identified as Vitasta, her mother’s business class seat was allegedly given away to another passenger, despite initially being told that the seat did not recline. 

Vitasta criticized Air India for its handling of the situation, describing the airline’s actions as “absolutely ridiculous” and showing “no regard for customers.” She vowed to file a complaint against Air India and urged the airline to improve its services.

The post quickly gained traction on social media, with many users expressing solidarity with Vitasta’s mother and condemning Air India’s alleged actions. 

Here is Air India’s response to assure her, 

Vitasta’s post swiftly garnered traction on social media, with several users expressing solidarity with her mother and slamming Air India’s alleged actions.

“How can they? Aren’t crew seats already designated? The seat shouldn’t have been for sale at all in the first place if that was the case,” 

Another user said. “Terrible. Wish she had refused to fly. They should better refund the entire fare for the mishap,” another user commented.

Some shared similar experiences, 

“The exact same thing happened to me on a flight from DC to India. I was told that my seat wasn’t operational, it didn’t recline properly. All my polite requests telling them I was up for 40 hours without a wink and really needed to sleep landed on deaf ears. The staff at Air India Washington DC airport is super corrupt.”

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