Feeding birds can lead to infections, warns municipal corporations in Pune and Thane 

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Pigeons are harmful to humans as the droppings create strong allergens. They are also the carriers of infections like fungus which can give rise to diseases in patients especially those who have diabetes and those who have hypersensitive immune systems.

Thane Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra recently warned the residents of the city to keep away from feeding pigeons as they cause hypersensitive pneumonia, a lung disease which is known to contract to those living close to pigeons. TMC also put up posters across the city announcing that citizens should not encourage feeding and those found feeding them will be fined Rs 500. 

Pigeons lead to various diseases ranging from serious infections to respiratory allergies and can also lead to Pneumonia-Pssittacosis, a bacterial infection. Pigeon droppings may also lead to fungal infection, pulmonary or meningeal infections with people having immune system issues.

Pune Municipal Corporation also on March 13 announced that those found feeding pigeons may attract a fine of Rs 500. 

Adeeba Nausheen