Pune News : Don’t take antibiotics without consulting doctor

Pune News : Don't take antibiotics without consulting doctor
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These days a lot of people are having fever, cough, sore throat and running nose. These infections may be related to H3N2 Variant of Influenza.

A virus according to a recent warning issued by The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi.

Influenza virus is a common virus that causes seasonal cough and cold. 

Other symptoms may be wheezing, breathing difficulty, vomiting and sore throat. As in the case of COVID 19, those with a history of Asthma, Diabetes, Chronic Heart or Kidney disease are at risk of severe illness or pneumonia. Additionally, Pregnant women and health care workers are also at higher risk than others.

For prevention, using masks and frequent hand sanitization is of utmost importance. A vaccine for Influenza virus is also available and can be taken by almost anyone. Those with risk factors mentioned above should take the vaccine at the earliest. Those with symptoms of cough, cold and fever should keep them well hydrated, they can take paracetamol for fever. 

Antibiotics should not be taken unless prescribed by a doctor. In case of any risk factor, persisting fever or breathing difficulty, patients should consult their doctor at the earliest.

Article by Dr Sumeet Nawani, 

MBBS, DTCD, DNB (Respiratory Diseases)
Consultant Pulmonologist, The Lung Care Centre,
Kalyani Nagar, Pune