Fire breaks out at Highway Break Hotel in Khargar 

Fire breaks out at Highway Break Hotel in Khargar

Fire breaks out at Highway Break Hotel in Khargar

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Massive fire broke out at Highway break hotel on Monday 12th February 2024 at 1:30 AM in midnight. The hotel is located on the ground floor of Satyam Heritage building in sector 10, Khargar. 

As the hotel was closed, no fatalities were reported. 

As the hotel was closed, though the hotel staff and management opened the door of the hotel to let the fire brigade go inside, the fire had spread in the entire hotel. 

The Kharghar fire Brigade team arrived promptly at the scene and immediately initiated the efforts to extinguish the fire as the fire had spread across the entire premises of the hotel. 

The process of cooling went on for around an hour.

Though no casualties were reported, the interior of the hotel suffered extensive damage Including damage to their furniture and decorations. 

According to Pravin Bokade, the fire officer at the Khargar fire station, as per the investigation, the cause of the fire is reported to be a short circuit in the hotel’s kitchen. 

Additionally, further enquiry and investigation will be carried out to know the exact circumstances about the incident. 

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