Fourth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections Witnesses Moderate Turnout

Fourth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections Witnesses Moderate Turnout

Fourth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections Wit nesses Moderate Turnout ( Representational Image)

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The fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections in the state saw an average voter turnout of approximately 42.35 percent until 3 pm. With 11 constituencies in the fray, citizens exercised their democratic right with varying degrees of participation.

Nandurbar witnessed a significant turnout, with 49.91 percent of voters casting their ballots by midday. Similarly, Jalna and Beed followed suit with impressive participation rates of 47.51 percent and 46.49 percent, respectively.

However, some constituencies reported comparatively lower turnouts. Maval, Pune, and Shirur recorded percentages below the state average, with 36.54 percent, 35.61 percent, and 36.43 percent, respectively.
Yhe electoral process continued smoothly across the board, ensuring citizens had ample opportunity to make their voices heard. From the bustling urban centers to the serene rural landscapes, polling stations remained open since 7 am, accommodating voters from all walks of life.

The diversity of constituencies was evident in the varied turnout percentages. While urban areas like Pune and Shirur experienced a slightly lower turnout, rural regions like Nandurbar and Beed demonstrated robust civic engagement.

Each vote counts in shaping the future of the nation, and citizens have shown commendable enthusiasm in fulfilling their civic duty. As the day progresses, authorities remain vigilant, ensuring the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.

With the conclusion of the fourth phase, attention now turns to the subsequent phases, where more constituencies will exercise their right to vote.