GoPool: Turning Airport Rides into Affordable Carpools

GoPool: Turning Airport Rides into Affordable Carpools

GoPool: Turning Airport Rides into Affordable Carpools

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A simple encounter during a flight led Akash Jadhav to launch GoPool, an app that facilitates cost-effective cab sharing for airport trips. The platform, operational in multiple Indian cities, connects travellers heading to or from airports, allowing them to share rides and expenses.

Jadhav’s entrepreneurial journey with GoPool began in February 2023, and within a year, the platform gained significant traction, boasting over 25,000 users across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa, and Pune. Despite initial challenges, including failed startup attempts, Jadhav remains committed to scaling GoPool, investing his savings to sustain and expand the venture.

Unlike traditional cab aggregators, GoPool operates independently, connecting travellers directly without involving the cab service provider. This unique approach ensures affordability and convenience for users, with transactions handled privately between co-travellers.

With safety as a top priority, GoPool implements measures such as Aadhaar and LinkedIn verifications to enhance passenger confidence. Female passengers, especially, benefit from gender-specific filtering options, ensuring comfortable and secure rides.

While similar carpooling services exist, GoPool stands out by leveraging yellow-board vehicles, circumventing legal complexities associated with private vehicle usage. Despite regulatory challenges, GoPool has operated seamlessly, receiving no complaints from authorities.

Jadhav’s vision for GoPool extends beyond domestic markets, with plans to expand globally once the platform achieves desired success levels. As the startup continues to grow, Jadhav remains focused on creating a sustainable business model while prioritizing user satisfaction and safety.