FSSAI makes it mandatory for food businesses to display license number on invoices

Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order recently making it mandatory for food businesses to mention their FSSAI license or registration number on cash receipts or purchase invoice from October 1, 2021.

Many buyers have complained about inaction on complaint which often remain unresolved to due to lack of information about the manufacturer / seller. This will also help the consumers who can raise online complaint against any particular food business using FSSAI number.

Detailed information about the order can be read on –

Section 31 of Food and Safety and Standards Act 2006, mandates that every food business operator is required to obtain FSSAI license or registration prior commencing any food business. The implementation of FSS Act 2006 and Rules and Regulations made thereunder depends upon the FSSAI license and registration number.

Now with the apporval of Food Authority, it has been decided to mandate declaration of 14 digit FSSAI License or registration number on cash receipts / purchase invoices / cash memo / bills, etc. by all food businesses. When any operator issues 2 transaction documents in case of transporters issuing transport challan / bill, etc, and invoice, then FSSAI number needs to be mentioned on both the documents.

This system will enable the consumers to have access to information about a particular food business which is publically available at FSSAI’s portals. Consumers can visit the FSSAI’s portal and Food Safety Connect application for accessing information about FSSAI License or Registration by inputting the 14 digit FSSAI License / Registration Number.

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