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The Government of Goa and MakeMyTrip have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in promoting Goa’s cultural heritage and culinary traditions. The joint initiative, titled ‘Goa Beyond Beaches,’ seeks to promote sustainable and regenerative tourism practices, ensuring equitable economic benefits across the state. 

The partnership aims to position Goa as a year-round destination, transcending its popular image of sun, sand, and beaches. MakeMyTrip will play a crucial role in highlighting the inland cultural richness and culinary traditions of the state, often overshadowed by coastal attractions. 

Through the MoU, MakeMyTrip will curate a cultural map of Goa, showcasing its hidden gems and diverse facets. The partnership also involves creating unique travel itineraries, promoting local festivals, and enhancing Goa’s presence on the spiritual tourism map of India. The collaboration aligns with efforts to encourage homestay penetration in the interiors of Goa and foster a sustainable tourism ecosystem. 

Initiatives like the ‘Ekadasha Teertha’ campaign will connect 11 places of worship to form a travel circuit, contributing to regenerative tourism and emphasizing plastic-free and sustainable ecosystems in and around these sites.