Gold worth Rs 26 lakh concealed in detergent seized at Hyderabad Airport

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Gold worth Rs 26 lakh concealed in detergent seized at Hyderabad Airport

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Throughout the globe, individuals engage in the illicit act of smuggling a plethora of illegal items via diverse trade routes. This unlawful activity entails the transportation of goods without the necessary certifications, primarily for nefarious purposes.

The smuggling of items such as jewellery, drugs, rare artifacts, and various other contraband is prevalent worldwide. Despite the government and officials’ concerted efforts to uphold stringent regulations and dismantle these smuggling networks, numerous illicit groups continue to operate. Notably, people resort to concealing illicit goods within unconventional objects as a means of smuggling.

Instances have arisen in which these illicit traders have concealed gold inside their bodies. A comparable incident has recently gained widespread attention, involving the smuggling of gold worth a substantial sum from Dubai to India, concealed in detergent powder. 

Authorities at Hyderabad airport have confiscated gold worth Rs 26.64 lakh that was concealed in detergent. The smugglers were attempting to illegally transport the gold from Dubai to India. This is due to the fact that gold is comparatively cheaper in Dubai than in India, and many individuals purchase gold jewellery there.

However, the government has established regulations regarding the amount of gold that can be purchased and brought back to India. In such circumstances, many people attempt to bring as much gold as possible from Dubai. However, in order to avoid taxes and bring larger quantities, they resort to smuggling. The video footage depicts a man blending water and detergent together. He proceeds to dilute the detergent using a spoon and subsequently pours the resulting liquid. Notably, the residue reveals tiny gold particles, providing concrete evidence of gold smuggling by the accused.

As per the information provided, Hyderabad Customs intercepted two passengers arriving from Dubai on 07.10.2023. Based on passenger profiling, they discovered gold in powder form weighing 454 grams, valued at Rs. 26.64 lakhs. The gold was cleverly concealed in packets of detergent, flour, and oats, and subsequently seized.

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