Good news: Shivneri to run soon on Atal Setu between Mumbai and Pune

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Running the Shivneri bus (ST) between Mumbai and Pune via Atal Setu is being considered now. A proposal is put up by the State Transport Corporation. The capacity of the bus will be around 45 passengers. Therefore, Mumbai-Pune Shivneri bus travel time will be reduced.

To save passengers’ time, running ST from Atal Setu is being proposed. In this context, ST Corporation has initiated a survey and is requesting passenger input.

According to the proposal, the route will be hivdi Nhava-Sheva Atal Setu. In this context, consideration is being given to additional Shivneri stops along this route, the toll structure, and the viability of operating Shivneri along this route. Following all of these talks, ST Corporation can now operate the Mumbai-Pune Shivneri bus on a trial basis starting at Atal Setu.

It is believed that ST Corporation has established a formula for this. If there are 45 people on the Shivneri bus when it leaves Mumbai, it will be commuting via Atal Setu. The journey time between Mumbai and Pune might be cut by over an hour if that transpires. During the first phase, one ferry will leave from Atal Setu for each Shivneri Bus trip from Mumbai to Pune. According to ST officials, the Shivneri bus’s itinerary is Dadar-Shivadi-Atal Setu-Ulve-Panvel-Pune.