Groundwater levels decline across Pune’s tehsils in March; Urgent conservation measures needed

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A recent study has revealed a concerning decline in groundwater levels across all 13 tehsils of Pune district in March, with Purandar, Shirur, and Baramati being the most severely affected areas. The analysis compared current figures with the average recorded over the past five years for the same month, indicating a significant depletion of up to one meter in some regions.

According to Diwakar Dhote, a senior geologist with the Groundwater Surveys and Development Agency (GSDA), this represents the most substantial decline in groundwater levels witnessed in the past four to five years. Urgent measures such as rainwater harvesting are being advocated to mitigate this rapid depletion. Dhote also recommends repurposing defunct borewells and wells into recharge systems to augment groundwater reserves.

In Purandar, the average water table plummeted to 7.02 meters last month, compared to the five-year average of 5.92 meters. Similarly, Shirur saw a decline from 6.14 meters to 7.09 meters, while Baramati’s water table dropped from 5.58 meters to 6.44 meters during the same period. 

These stark figures underscore the pressing need for immediate conservation efforts to safeguard Pune’s groundwater resources.