Gujarat shuts down all gaming zones after Rajkot fire tragedy

Gujarat shuts down all gaming zones after Rajkot fire tragedy

Authorities have closed all gaming zones across Gujarat after the fatal fire at TRP Game Zone in Rajkot.

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The Gujarat government has ordered the closure of all 101 registered gaming zones in eight major cities after a devastating fire at the TRP Game Zone in Rajkot claimed 28 lives on Saturday. Inspections found multiple safety violations, leading to the crackdown.

Out of the 101 gaming zones, 20 have been permanently shut down due to a lack of necessary permissions, including building use approvals and fire safety certificates, officials reported on Tuesday. The remaining 81 have been temporarily closed until they can prove they meet safety standards.

Rajkot saw the most closures, with eight out of 12 zones sealed.

Ahmedabad followed with five closures, while Junagadh and Bhavnagar had four and three respectively. Authorities are also looking into unregistered and possibly illegal entertainment zones operating without licenses.

Local authorities across the state are issuing notices to gaming zone operators, requiring them to implement proper safety measures.

In Vadodara, where 16 gaming zones, including 11 indoor ones, have been shut down, civic chief Dilip Kumar Rana said, “Notices will be issued to these establishments asking them to ensure safety measures. After they comply, they can be reopened.” This action shows either the government’s caution or a lack of confidence in the current safety standards of gaming zones.”

Ahmedabad’s Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Urban Development) IK Patel explained that the closures are a precaution, “Shutting down all gaming zones does not mean they were all unsafe. We are addressing all major and minor concerns for the maximum safety of citizens,” Patel stated.

The government is developing a new policy for entertainment facilities, which will include comprehensive safety guidelines. This policy is expected to be announced soon, and gaming zones will be allowed to reopen once they comply with the updated regulations.

“The home department will notify rules for entertainment zones that include gaming zones and amusement parks,” an official source said. This move is part of the government’s broader effort to improve safety standards and prevent future tragedies like the Rajkot fire.