H3N2 Influenza : Seek immediate doctor’s help for symptoms of influenza, urges Tanaji Sawant 

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Pune: With the H3N2 influenza virus cases showing an increasing trend in Maharashtra, state health minister Tanaji Sawant on Wednesday, March 15 told that people should get immediate treatment for any kind of symptoms of influenza. He told that,we have issued an alert about influenza and kept all district health teams prepared.  

Tanaji Sawant said, “Cases of H3N2 flu are increasing on a daily basis. Two people. one from Nagpur and other from Ahmednagar had lost their life due to H3N2 infection.’’

Explaining further Tanaji Swant told that there are many subtypes of this influenza and prominent symptoms like fever,cough,pneumonia,generally observed in patients.

Influenza related tests are carried out at all primary health care centres across the state. As of 13 March, the state has recorded 303 patients of H1N1 and 58 patients of H3N2 variants.

Areas like Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur,Smbhaji Nagar, Sangli, Kolhapur are witnessing a spike in the H3N2 cases.